Why Lili will be the next big thing

There haven’t been much change since 1970′ in the Project Management tools used to simplify the life of the project team. The last invention that truly simplified people’s life was the email! There have been many improvement of the existing: nicer interfaces, more fluidity in the flow, video conference, more powerful tools; but no critical change that would have cut down the amount of work.

At a time, when Artificial Intelligence and powerful algorithms are used to detect faces on Facebook, suggest me books on Amazon, take appointments with virtual Assistants; why don’t we bring those technologies to simplify our working life? I have been a Project Coordinator, and let me tell you: the tools we are using are really not smart! Even for a fan of MS Excel (I actually teach it!), I can tell you that even with an intensive daily use of Excel; it still doesn’t become any smarter nor does it give me any good suggestions.

The next big in Project Management will be Artificial Intelligence and we will be at the forefront of the upcoming revolution. Wanna tag along?