Why do we believe in Lili?

Start-ups live are full of up and down. Today looks like an up up day.

Very often people ask me: “why do you feel that Lili will succeed in reinventing Project Management? Why would it be more successful than an Asana or Jira which have raised significant money and have huge user base?”

My answer is simple: “We are different.

1/ We have a unique vision. A vision where projects are delivered smoothly because all the project teams gain years of experience supported by the AI. Lili is not only a great mathematics problem; it is especially a huge human pain!

2/ We target huge complex waterfall projects vs. Agile and start-ups . I only know PM at billion dollars companies (GE, P&G, Deloitte, Credit Suisse, European Union, SNC Lavalin, AGS Four Winds, …) and their teams seriousely need some AI to simplify their very processful life.

3/ Or did I mention the team? We have a top-tier board of Advisors and collaborators.

So yes, we believe we belong to this class of new start-ups ready to implement AI in the business world. We pick Project management and we won’t stop until we change the PM world.

This thought was inspired by this article : http://venturebeat.com/2016/04/02/deep-learning-will-be-huge-and-heres-who-will-dominate-it/

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