Insight by Yann le Cun on the future of AI


This is an amazing interview with Prof. Yann Le Cun, Director at Facebook AI and Professor at New York university. Unfortunately it is in French:

My favorite highlights are:

  • Intelligence is the ability to predict by observing it.
  • In the future, Virtual Assistant will help us in our daily lives to access the right information, to explain us stuff, to communicate with other people, answer any kind of question, etc.
  • In the future, robots will be able to perform tasks that annoy us.
  • Deep learning will make the world better, reducing human suffering, automating painful tasks, etc.
  • Robots will have feeling. Emotions are related to prediction. Fear is related to predicting something scarry. Robots will be able to predict, hence they will have simulated emotion.

I had the chance to meet the very inspiring Prof. Yann Le Cun at his course at College de France where he was teaching a serie of courses about Deep Learning. I highly recommand anyone interested in machine learning AND speaking French to check out those classes. All the course are posted here:

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