Delay can cost billions…

I was sent this great summary by the Financial Times about the Areva and its EPR situation. EPR are the latest generation of nuclear power plants. The one designed to secure us against future Fukushima. There are four of them in construction around the world. And those projects by its size are regularly brought up in the news for its delay and cost overruns. This article summarizes some of the reasons  which explain the delay by 6 to 9 years and the overbudgets by billions.

The conclusion of the article is from the outgoing Project Manager who stated: “EDF (French Power Producer who merged with Areva) has full confidence that we won’t repeat the mistakes of the Finnish and French EPRs”.

Delay are expected as part of the project lifecycle. Afterall going from the drawing board to the concretisation of a complex idea is extremelly tricky, and requires lots of creativity, intelligence and persistance. We can’t expect to go without mistakes on a new project that has such an ambition: make nuclear power safe.

“Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum”

If mistakes and delays are acceptable; redoing the same mistake isn’t. Any project structure need to ensure that the knowledge is captured as much as possible with the goal to learn for our mistakes!

Lili uses artificial intelligence to gather and pushes the right information from any of your projects around the world, so the project team can decide with the right data on hand.

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