An example of useful Chatbox

An artificial-intelligence lawyer chatbot has successfully contested 160,000 parking tickets across London and New York for free, showing that chatbots can actually be useful.

The results speak for themselves. In the 21 months since the free service was launched in London and now New York, Browder says DoNotPay has taken on 250,000 cases and won 160,000, giving it a success rate of 64% appealing over $4m of parking tickets.





What can AI do better than humans already now?


Human and algorithms are complementary. Now in order to be complementary, one must complete the other weakness.

Examples of what are algorithms good at:
– optimizing schedule with known constraints
– identifying weak signals within a large databases
– being rigorous and data driven only

Examples of what humans are good at:
– Ensuring coherence of a result
– Giving meaning beyond words
– Making sense of weak signals
– Playing with limits
– …

Examples of complementarities:
– Have an AI restricting potential health issues among the realm of possibilities, so the doctor can decide faster with even possibilities thst he would have not thought about.
– Have an AI preparing a compilation of articles on a specific topic analyzing data from multiple sources; have an Analyst preparing an engaging paper out of it.
– Have an AI filtering calls and answering generic questions; have a subject matter expert answering specific questions.
– Generally have an AI doing thing that are repeatable, specific and supervisable; saving time for the human being to add real value to the draft.

AI is not yet smart compared to a kid. However when you are properly restricting the tasks knowing the current limits; then you create new capacities for AI.

AI is not mysterious


Sometimes, I hear people with strange concerns about Artificial Intelligence. They are afraid that robots would take the power and overrule human beings…

Sometimes, when I explain the magic behind AI, people tell me this is not AI, AI is way more complex and powerful… Yet, they can’t give example of the magical thing…

A friend who is running an AI company told me to use more jargon words and to drown my interlocutor with formulas and complicated words and concepts.

My belief is that it is not a service we do to the AI democratisation to make it more complicated than it really is. The basics are absolutely understandable, the details are more mathematical of course! But anyone can and should understand the basics.

We need people to understand, care and challenge the AI systems we create. People who create the tools might be way less knowledgeable about the real life limits and this threaten the essence of the intelligence that we want to create.

And yes, there are some real dangers with AI, but you can only understand those by understanding the concepts ruling AI.

Science without conscious is but the ruin of soul. Science sans conscience nest que la ruine de l’ame. mentioned in an article for the first time

I am very happy to say that was for the first time mentioned in an article written by the well-respected Nidam Abdi. One time on Linkedin Pulse, and one time on Les Echos (the French Financial Times).

Last week, organized an event to give visibility to the flourishing AI ecosysteme in France.

During 2.5 hours, our top-notch speakers debated around questions like:

  • Do you need to be a GAFA to do AI?
  • Would you say we are small and smart?
  • How do we become big?
  • Do we intend to become the India of Artificial Intelligence?


Do we need to be a GAFA to do AI?

June 15th, 206 @ 18.30 @ Numa is launching an event in partnership with NUMA (leading French accelerator) about Artificial Intelligence.

Around two round-table, we will be debating about the pros and cons to do Artificial Intelligence in France.

Milie Taing, Founder of will be doing the intro and the conclusion of the evening.

Will be present: INRIA (leading French AI lab working with Facebook),  ISAI (French seed VC), BPI (French Public Investment Bank giving grants and loans), Deepomatic (start-up doing machine learning on pictures), Vocal-apps (start-up enabling voice control with a few lines of code), cardiologs (start-ups that uses AI to fight against cardiovascular diseases), niland (start-up that uses AI to help you sort your music).

The secret to solve a complex and ambitious issue

I once ago presented the plan for Lili  to the CTO of a very famous digital assistant start-up. He laughted and said “not doable”.

Yet, we did it! Here is another example in robotics!

The secret? When the pain is so incrusted in you, no matter how complex it may be; you just do it!

No problem is impossible to solve; “do you really want to achieve it?” and “what price will you agree to pay for it?” is the two questions that really matter! This guy wanted to climb again; and went back to the engineering class to design his own legs!