Do we need to be a GAFA to do AI?

June 15th, 206 @ 18.30 @ Numa is launching an event in partnership with NUMA (leading French accelerator) about Artificial Intelligence.

Around two round-table, we will be debating about the pros and cons to do Artificial Intelligence in France.

Milie Taing, Founder of will be doing the intro and the conclusion of the evening.

Will be present: INRIA (leading French AI lab working with Facebook),  ISAI (French seed VC), BPI (French Public Investment Bank giving grants and loans), Deepomatic (start-up doing machine learning on pictures), Vocal-apps (start-up enabling voice control with a few lines of code), cardiologs (start-ups that uses AI to fight against cardiovascular diseases), niland (start-up that uses AI to help you sort your music).

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