AI is not mysterious


Sometimes, I hear people with strange concerns about Artificial Intelligence. They are afraid that robots would take the power and overrule human beings…

Sometimes, when I explain the magic behind AI, people tell me this is not AI, AI is way more complex and powerful… Yet, they can’t give example of the magical thing…

A friend who is running an AI company told me to use more jargon words and to drown my interlocutor with formulas and complicated words and concepts.

My belief is that it is not a service we do to the AI democratisation to make it more complicated than it really is. The basics are absolutely understandable, the details are more mathematical of course! But anyone can and should understand the basics.

We need people to understand, care and challenge the AI systems we create. People who create the tools might be way less knowledgeable about the real life limits and this threaten the essence of the intelligence that we want to create.

And yes, there are some real dangers with AI, but you can only understand those by understanding the concepts ruling AI.

Science without conscious is but the ruin of soul. Science sans conscience nest que la ruine de l’ame.

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