What can AI do better than humans already now?


Human and algorithms are complementary. Now in order to be complementary, one must complete the other weakness.

Examples of what are algorithms good at:
– optimizing schedule with known constraints
– identifying weak signals within a large databases
– being rigorous and data driven only

Examples of what humans are good at:
– Ensuring coherence of a result
– Giving meaning beyond words
– Making sense of weak signals
– Playing with limits
– …

Examples of complementarities:
– Have an AI restricting potential health issues among the realm of possibilities, so the doctor can decide faster with even possibilities thst he would have not thought about.
– Have an AI preparing a compilation of articles on a specific topic analyzing data from multiple sources; have an Analyst preparing an engaging paper out of it.
– Have an AI filtering calls and answering generic questions; have a subject matter expert answering specific questions.
– Generally have an AI doing thing that are repeatable, specific and supervisable; saving time for the human being to add real value to the draft.

AI is not yet smart compared to a kid. However when you are properly restricting the tasks knowing the current limits; then you create new capacities for AI.

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