Oh no, those jobs have disappeared…

After reading another of those articles about jobs that will disappear because of AI (be scared!). I decided to list 5 examples of jobs that have disappeared in the past due to technological revolutions; and 5 antical jobs that still remain…

My message here is:

1/ Yes, technology takes away jobs. Those jobs were usually extremely labour intensive and physically painful. I let you decide if you want to call it progression or regression…

2/ Some jobs still remain, you don’t know why… Actually just because we don’t want to let go of them. And we use our dollars to perpetuate those traditions.

So will your job disappear? If people want to maintain it, it won’t. Plus, AI is seriousely not ready to steal the job of a Journalist as I have read latelyon one of those articles.

Disappeared (as far as I know in France)

metier 1

Gas streetlight Lighter




Decapitator (it was a real luxury to be killed within one shot)


Cotton picker (arguably slaves)


Waker (not sure if he could do snooze)

Still there, for how long?


Starbucks Barrister


Icecream truck





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