Between 2016 and 2025, AI revenues will grow from $643.7 million to $36.8 billion

Have you ever doubt that Artificial Intelligence would become truly vital in the near future? As per Tractica, revenues in this domain are expected to grow from $643.7M to $36.8B. This massive growth means that slowly and surely an AI component will integrate each of the product we use.

For instance, there was a time where each company needed an email, then a website, then an e-commerce website, … and the next one coming will be a virtual assistant you can talk to and ask question. The 99% accuracy in the voice recognition landmark has been reached earlier this year; this make this virtual assistant an even closer reality. So ready?

Harvard teaches AI to its MBA, and you? Are you prepared to face the future challenges?

My background is not in AI, neither in IT. I graduated in Project Management and Financial Analysis. I felt for AI because AI has the ability to extend our human interpretation ability and generally to make our working life easier.

I was extremely frustrated to see how Amazon or Facebook are using AI to help me in my private life whereas I was left alone using MS Excel in my working life. AI is just a really, are you going to go along or be left behind?

A decisive step for AI?


This machine (DGX-1) has been build by OpenAI for roughly 2B USD. You might not know it yet, but this is a huge advancement for Artificial Intelligence! Training an algorithm  will be taking way less time (10 hours instead of 250 with traditional methods). By shortening the training time so drastically, you can expect a breakthrough in deep learning performance.

“Language remains a very tricky problem for artificial intelligence, but in recent years researchers have made progress in applying deep learning to the problem”

Delay is fine as long it is accepted


Even when you are Tesla, you can be delayed for multiple years. The only difference is that when you are called Elon Musk, it is acceptable to be late. After all, you are here to save the world, and despite of the delay, the valuation of the company is skyrocking!

“Mr. Musk said he doesn’t “set targets that I know can’t be met.” Tough goals keep Tesla moving forward. “In order to have a good outcome, we must strive for a great outcome,” he said.”

“Mr. Musk agrees it took longer than expected to meet the projections. That matters little, he said, because Tesla will eventually hit all its goals.”

But when you don’t have this chance, it is better to keep a good track to explain why you are being delayed and to split properly your responsability from the client one.