Delay is fine as long it is accepted


Even when you are Tesla, you can be delayed for multiple years. The only difference is that when you are called Elon Musk, it is acceptable to be late. After all, you are here to save the world, and despite of the delay, the valuation of the company is skyrocking!

“Mr. Musk said he doesn’t “set targets that I know can’t be met.” Tough goals keep Tesla moving forward. “In order to have a good outcome, we must strive for a great outcome,” he said.”

“Mr. Musk agrees it took longer than expected to meet the projections. That matters little, he said, because Tesla will eventually hit all its goals.”

But when you don’t have this chance, it is better to keep a good track to explain why you are being delayed and to split properly your responsability from the client one.

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