Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft grouping to advance AI

Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis at the AlphaGo challenge match between human champion Lee Sedol, and Deepmind’s computer Photograph: Lee Jin-man/AP

Some time ago, I organised an event in Paris with AI leaders in Frence. We discussed whether we needed to be GAFA to do AI. It was the opportunity to discover the wealth of the French AI ecosystem; and how laboratories needed entrepreneurs to make products out of their technologies.

Now good news or bad news, GAFA are grouping together: Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft to advance the technology. They want to create a space to work closely with laboraties.

“conduct research, recommend best practices, and publish research under an open license in areas such as ethics, fairness and inclusivity; transparency, privacy, and interoperability; collaboration between people and AI systems; and the trustworthiness, reliability and robustness of the technology”.

“A small number of large corporations are today the powerhouses behind the development of sophisticated artificial intelligence. The inauguration of the partnership on AI is a very welcome step towards ensuring this technology is used wisely,” (Murray Shanahan)

I must say that there is so much limits to be pushed in this area. However will grouping together the richest AI corporations with the best public and private laboratories really help building a more trusted AI? The future will tell.

“It’s never about our technology,” Nadella

Satya Nadella

“It’s never about our technology,” Nadella said in closing. “It is really to me about your passion, your imagination, and what you can do with technologies that we create. What societal problem, what industry will you reshape. That’s really what we dream about. We want to democratize AI just like we brought information to your fingertips.”


Note that Microsoft is positioning on the 360* view of the user to better serve him. So if ou are creative you can also note all the empty spaces left : )   there is room for the ecosystem of VA to grow and become solid!

A new kind of camera is about to go mainstream

Have you ever thought about how difficult it is for a camera to see as accurately as human eyes? Below are some examples of pictures using Convolutional Neural Networks, a deep learning method. See how inaccurate?

See original image

Well now imagine, that a computer will see better than a human being. How? Because our eyes can only see some wavelength; the camera in the video has been desiggned to capture extra waves that human eyes can’t see… So are you ready? Soon, despite the make-up we will be able to see your wrinkles on the picture : )

Applications include: choosing the ripest fruit, better surveillance camera, non-invasive medical examination, etc.