IBM vision of the future of AI

ibm ceo

“In the next five years, every important decision, whether it’s business or personal, will be made with the assistance of IBM Watson.”  IBM president and CEO Ginni Rometty



Google’s methodology for measuring and preventing discrimination

Discrimination is one of the scariest limit for AI. Here is Google’s methodology to try to limit this discrimination by not including sensitive attributes.

“Optimizing for equal opportunity is just one of many tools that can be used to improve machine learning systems—and mathematics alone is unlikely to lead to the best solutions. Attacking discrimination in machine learning will ultimately require a careful, multidisciplinary approach.”

The conclusion is AI can not do it all!

98% of managers feel Managers needs more training



Managers’ main duty is to manage their employees. They spend lots of time doing they own way. Being promoted to become a Manager without the tool: the assistant, is a quiet stressful!

New stats show that 98% of them feel they need more training on“important issues such as professional development, conflict resolution, employee turnover, time management and project management”.

Managers manage others, yet they need an Assistant to manage them and make them efficient… Look at all those very efficient CEOs, they have 1, 2, 3 Assistants to keep them at the top of their performance.

“Here are the important facts for today..”

” You need to call those people..”

” You absolutely need to do this before you leave…”

“Sorry, he is absolutely under water lately and won’t be able to help you. Please contact…”

Where are the assistants gone? We need them more than ever before.

Another big acquisition made by Samsung!

We all knew it was a high time for M&A in the virtual assistant ecosysteme, and in AI in general. Here is another example Samsung acquire the team that created Siri. Viv will continue to operate independantly.

With Viv, Samsung intends to strenghten its position in the home appliances.



Many good references in the article:

Deep learning M&A landscape

I hear often “Aren’t you afraid that a GAFA will start doing the same as you and kill your business?”. This is definitively a possibility, but just look at the M&A landscape for AI start-ups. It has never been so active! 120 acquisitions in Q2 2016 only! All sectors are being touched: computer vision, BI, sales&CRM, voice interface, robotics, healthcare, security, ecommerce, accounting, lawyers, etc.

There is definitively something that start-ups can do uniquely better than GAFAs and assimilated in pioneering a new AI application!