An example of when AI increases the human faculty

Sometimes, I hear people opposing AI and human: as in the famous “AI is gonna take away all your jobs”. The truth is that far before the AI can offer a full-service with no-human involved, the AI will be tasked with the Assistant role. Preselecting, pre-collecting, pre-compiling the data so we, human with limited data manipulation ability, can quickly assess and take a decision.

Here is an exemple of collaboration between human and AI. The AI detects a potential chock, signals it and applies gently the break, so the human have more time and awareness to take a critical decision. Well done Tesla!


Merry Christmas and happy new year

Dear all,

A quick note on behalf of the team to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

I am extremelly thankful for this intense year, where we went through the various stages of the start-up, and I am extremelly proud of the team and the way we have overcomed all the challenges on our way. We went from the crazy idea that “Project Management could become assisted by Artificial Intelligence”, to the “how we are gonna make it?”, to the “would you allow us to test it with you?”, to the final “we did it!”.

I am very looking forward for the upcoming year and its wonderful opportunity! will now go to its next step of further implementations of more Lilis around the world, and further development of its AI part.

More than ever before, we are convinced that Lili is a story that will continue thanks to your support!

Again merry Christmas and Happy new year!

All the best,

Milie TAING on behalf of