Harvard, MIT Get $27M to Research Artificial Intelligence From Humanities Perspective

Those who develop AI know that one of AI danger is coming from the biaises voluntarily and unvolontary included in the algorithms. Here is another great news for humankind, a $27M funding is invested in thinking from an ethical perspective Artificial Intelligence.

“One of the most critical challenges is how do we make sure that the machines we ‘train’ don’t perpetuate and amplify the same human biases that plague society,”said Joi Ito, director of the MIT Media Lab”

“Artificial intelligence and complex algorithms in general, fueled by big data and deep-learning systems, are quickly changing how we live and work…” reads the announcement from the Knight Foundation. “Because of this pervasive but often concealed impact, it is imperative that AI research and development be shaped by a broad range of voices—not only by engineers and corporations, but also by social scientists, ethicists, philosophers, faith leaders, economists, lawyers and policymakers.”

Further text here: http://observer.com/2017/01/harvard-mit-get-27m-to-research-artificial-intelligence-from-humanities-perspective/

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