A study finds racial disparities in police officers’ use of language

A systematic analysis of police body camera footage shows they tend to speak less respectfully to black residents than to white residents.



When machine learning save lives


Walsh and his colleagues have created machine-learning algorithms that predict, with unnerving accuracy, the likelihood that a patient will attempt suicide. In trials, results have been 80-90% accurate when predicting whether someone will attempt suicide within the next two years, and 92% accurate in predicting whether someone will attempt suicide within the next week.

The prediction is based on data that’s widely available from all hospital admissions, including age, gender, zip codes, medications, and prior diagnoses.





Real AI, fake AI



Box 1: “Look, this is our new robot full of AI” “You won’t believe how smart it is”

Box 2: “Really? There is AI inside? Like neuronal approach something?” “Trust me it has  lots of complex algorithms under its belt”

Box 3: “Ok, let’s see what it has inside its belly” “Heee”

Box 4: “I knew it, only IFs, hundreds of IFs…” “That’s not AI”.