participated to the G7 2017

September 25, 2017 / Turin: took part at the first meeting of the “I-7 Innovators’ Strategic Advisory Board on People-Centered Innovation” , the engagement group launched last May during the G7 Summit in Taormina. The group is in charge of providing guidance on emerging innovation issues.
The creation of this group proves Italian G7 Presidency’s attention towards the multiple challenges that innovation poses and that cannot be faced only at national level.The format of the Advisory Board requires that each G7 country and the EU should appoint a Focal Point who is in charge of selecting up to 5 innovators. Each country and the EU have designated their own group of innovators. Italy Focal Point is Diego Piacentini, Commissioner for the Digital Transformation.

The I-7 Innovators should call governments to action by drawing attention to the gap between the current potential of technological advances and the actual adoption from institutional organizations. The I-7 will also discuss possible measures to mitigate potential downsides of the new technologies.

The meeting will be divided in tree sessions. The first one will focus on the potential of the Artificial Intelligence for governments and citizens.Big Data will be the core theme of the second session, while the third one will deal with the future of work and how new technologies are shaping the employment models.



The French delegation



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