Should Project Managers Fear Artificial Intelligence?

artificial-intelligence_112017 (1).jpg

This article forgot Lili : ) but anyways, it is goog insight on the AI for PM scene mostly related to agile methodology.

AI is going to have a huge impact on our world, both personally and professionally. Business teams that take advantage of the technology will be much more ahead of those that don’t. And that’s something to be excited about. AI is coming; we need to embrace it and continue to be flexible.

Currently, there are several PM tools with AI technology.
Cisco Spark and Redbooth teamed up with the platform to create a messaging bot that asks team members things such as, “What’s happening today?”, “Show me what my team is working on” and “What’s urgent?”
Stratejos provides a similar function for Agile software development teams as a Slack integration.
ZiveBox uses AI to determine how long a task should take, examine the productivity of each team member, and sort through enterprise-level communication databases (otherwise known as “a bunch of long chat conversations.”)
Rescoper automatically alters the “view” of each user so that it’s tailored for their specific permissions settings, automatically schedules tasks based on workload and task duration, and provides alerts if the system “thinks” your project is going to run into budgeting or scheduling trouble.
ClickUp is still in beta, but its algorithms can predict the best team member for a task and assign those tasks to them, automatically tag users in comments based on relevancy contexts, predict deadlines that won’t be met, and correct task time estimates.

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