Cisco is bringing AI to IT project management


We’ve Reached the Tipping Point on Talent

Our customers tell us they are missing the critical technical skills that they need to grow and stay competitive in the 21st century—IT, network architecture, security, and automation.  A lack of digital skills is the single greatest challenge to successfully implementing digital transformation. In fact, 69 percent of respondents to an IDC Worldwide Digital Leader Survey said their organization lacks the right people, knowledge, and technology to transform.

Some of the most valuable skills are the hardest to find. According to a report last year, 41 percent of CIOs expect to face a skills shortage in data science, business intelligence, and analytics, and more than a third see upcoming shortages in security and risk management.  It now takes an average of 96 days to fill a job that requires expertise in cloud security, more than double the IT industry average.

It’s clear that companies will need to rethink their approach to this growing skills gap. Increasingly, leading organizations are partnering with third-party service organizations—such as Cisco Services—to fill in their missing capabilities while making the most of the talent they do have.

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