Predictive project analytics Will your project be successful?


Benefits of predictive project analytics
• Project review – “eyes and ears” for management
• Independent assessment of project planning, execution, and protects project investment
• Independent monitoring of emerging project risks helps control operational and
reputational risks
• Ability to determine the project portfolio risk profile

Lowers and contains project costs
• Independent assessment of project budget adequacy
• Independent assessment of ongoing budget needs and requests
• Prioritizes project so the right level of project management can be applied

Increase likelihood of project success
• Project of what could go wrong before it does go wrong
• Adherence to project plan
• Ability to identify the project performance cliffs

Gets projects back on track
• Unbiased, project-agnostic expertise alerts the project organization when timelines or
objectives are threatened
• Interim recommendations focus and project remediation
• Expertise to re-scope and re-plan as needed.

Improves the project organization and project practices
• Employment of generally accepted practices and methodologies
• Leverage project investment by not re-inventing the wheel

Full report here

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