is proud to be the last French start-up at the prestigious IBM AI Xprize

BFM is the last standing French start-up in IBM’s prestigious AI XPRIZE competition

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December 5, 2018: is the last French start-up remaining in IBM’s prestigious AI Watson XPRIZE. In May 2017, 147 teams from 22 countries were selected from 10,000 applicants to join the first round. By January 2019, was one of only 30 teams remaining in the competition, including 6 Europeans and 23 Americans (US + Canada). The final results will be presented during the 2020 TED show. has already won the AI start-up challenge by France’s largest employer federation (MEDEF) in 2018  and the « AI rising star » by CogX London in 2017.

XPRIZE reinforces’s vision of a dynamic project management solution driven by AI. Our solution can significantly reduce the cost for delivering infrastructure projects. This is possible thanks to the creation and implementation of a project memory, which has the benefits of cross-analyzing dataflows, anticipating changes, suggesting scenarios, and reorganize resources in real-time.


The value proposition of a web application that enables structured, contextual and reliable data capture to enable immediately the collaborator to gain impact in his daily activities, to be ready in 1-click to prepare clients / suppliers disputes and most importantly to create learning sets for future machine learning.    

« At, our mission is to create an artificial intelligence that serves the entire project team. In fact without end users’ confidence, there is no useful AI » keeps repeating Milie Taing, the CEO, during her public appearances.

« There is so much complexity and dependencies and grey areas in large scale projects that prevents large scale projects to be delivered without the assistance of AI. Our clients understand it well, they have to start creating datasets now to be able to implement AI in the near future ». The stakes are high, as companies have faced penalties exceeding 200% of their contract value for failing to deliver.

Artificial Intelligence brings the opportunity to deliver projects within an under control calendar and budget. In less than 5 years, artificial intelligence will redesign the project ecosystem with the emergence of a new generation of actors that have this data hygiene built into their processes.

About IBM Watson AI XPRIZE: A global competition challenging
teams to develop and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with powerful AI
technologies to tackle the world’s Grand Challenges. Full team list :

About : applies artificial intelligence to large
scale project management. The start-up is incubated at Ecole Polytechnique and
Agoranov. Our clients are leaders in construction, energy and the military that manage
$100+M project budgets. is currently looking for funding to accelerate
its growth.

Contact :, CEO supports Woman in AI

Lili is proud to have kicked off the series of Woman in AI Promo by talking to 70 high school students about why it is important that they can contribute to Artificial Intelligence. The event was cohosted with:

  • Joel Courtois, EPITA Director
  • Chloé Clair, Chief Technology Officer
  • Milie Taing,
  • Caroline Lair, President Woman in AI  (France)


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